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About Kappa Psi


Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity is the oldest and largest professional pharmacy fraternity with over 110 collegiate chapters and 80 graduate chapters across more than 85% of all College of Pharmacies within the United States, Canada, and Bahamas. 

Each year thousands of Kappa Psi Brothers graduate and advance the Profession of Pharmacy by continuing into all practices of Pharmacy. Our network expands across each field of pharmacy that includes Pharmacists, Educators, Researchers, CEO's, Medical Affairs, District Managers, Authors, Lawyers, and Lobbyists.

Kappa Psi helps all of our members achieve personal and professional advancement. We promote the Profession of Pharmacy, philanthropy opportunities, volunteer and educational services to the community, scholarships and awards, fellowship, networking, and lifelong friendships.

Once a Brother of Kappa Psi, Always a Brother of Kappa Psi.



Mission: To develop leaders with a passion for service to their community while creating lifelong personal and professional connections

Philanthropy: Kappa Psi has partnered with Reach out and Read to help improve childhood literacy

Kappa Psi Mid-America Province has partnered with NAMI to educate, support, advocate, and listen to people with mental illnesses and their families. 

Founder: Mr. F. Harvey Smith

Pillars: Industry, Sobriety, Fellowship, and High Ideals

Colors: Scarlet and Cadet Gray

Flower: Red Carnation

KY Providences


Beta Xi, Theta, Gamma Phi, Gamma Psi, Gamma Xi, Delta Lambda, Epsilon Delta, Epsilon Zeta, Zeta Xi, Zeta Rho


South Carolina Graduate, Atlanta Graduate, North Carolina Graduate, Virginia Graduate, Buies Creek Graduate, Georgia Graduate, Athens Graduate, South Carolina Upstate Graduate, Charlotte Graduate


Great Lakes 

Upsilon, Gamma Delta, Xi, Beta Lambda, Beta Phi, Mu Omicron Pi, Gamma Chi, Epsilon Theta, Zeta Epsilon, Zeta Omega

Cleveland Graduate, Kentucky Graduate, Cincinnati Graduate, Toledo Graduate, Detroit Graduate, Columbus Graduate, Ada Graduate, Central Michigan Graduate

Gulf Coast

Psi, Beta Rho, Gamma Zeta, Gamma Omega, Delta Gamma, Delta Eta, Epsilon Kappa, Epsilon Lambda, Zeta Upsilon

Louisiana Graduate, Tennessee Graduate, Auburn Graduate, Birmingham Graduate


Chi, Pi, Beta Upsilon, Rho, Gamma Pi, Gamma Theta, Delta Nu, Epsilon Rho, Epsilon Upsilon, Epsilon Omega, Zeta Mu

St. Louis Graduate, Kansas City Graduate, Illinois Graduate, Indiana Graduate

Mountain East

Beta Kappa, Sigma, Beta Eta, Delta Epsilon, Delta Kappa, Delta Xi, Epsilon Nu, Epsilon Omicron, Zeta Kappa

Buffalo Graduate, Pittsburgh Graduate, District of Columbia Graduate, Maryland Graduate, Laurel Highlands Graduate, Maryland Eastern Shore Graduate, Northern Virginia Graduate


Beta Epsilon, Beta Omega, Gamma Lambda, Delta Omicron, Delta Chi, Zeta Beta, Zeta Zeta, Zeta Nu, Zeta Pi, Zeta Iota

New York Graduate, Boston Graduate, Albany Graduate, Providence Graduate, Harrisburg Graduate, Connecticut Graduate, Pocono Graduate, Maine Graduate

Northern Plains

Beta Nu, Beta Psi, Gamma Epsilon, Beta Sigma, Epsilon, Beta Chi, Gamma Kappa, Delta Zeta, Delta Psi, Zeta Theta

Nebraska Graduate, Wisconsin Graduate, Minnesota Graduate, North Dakota Graduate, Iowa Graduate, South Dakota Graduate


Beta Omicron, Beta Pi, Gamma Eta, Delta Mu, Epsilon Xi, Epsilon Pi, Epsilon Chi, Zeta Omicron

Portland Graduate, Seattle Graduate, Montana Graduate, Idaho Graduate, Palouse Graduate, Utah Graduate, Vancouver Graduate

Pacific West

Beta Gamma, Gamma Upsilon, Gamma Nu, Delta Sigma, Delta Tau, Delta Phi, Epsilon Gamma, Epsilon Iota, Epsilon Psi, Zeta Tau, Zeta Chi

San Francisco Graduate, Los Angeles Graduate, Arizona Graduate, Pacific Graduate, Pomona Graduate, San Diego Graduate, Nevada Graduate, Hawaii Graduate, Anaheim Graduate


Iota, Gamma Sigma, Delta Iota, Delta Rho, Delta Upsilon, Delta Omega, Epsilon Eta, Epsilon Mu, Zeta Gamma, Zeta Delta, Zeta Phi


Tampa Graduate, Southeast Florida - Bahamas Graduate, Charleston Graduate, Savannah Graduate, Orlando Graduate, Gainesville Graduate, Jacksonville Graduate


Gamma Omicron, Gamma Rho, Delta Delta, Delta Beta, Delta Theta, Delta Pi, Epsilon, Beta, Epsilon Epsilon, Epsilon Tau, Zeta Eta, Zeta Lambda, Eta Beta


Texas Graduate, Southwestern Graduate, Houston Graduate, New Mexico Graduate, San Antonio Graduate, Dallas/Fort Worth Graduate, Denver Graduate

Chi Chapter: Mid-America

Pi – Purdue University

Rho – Unversity of Kansas

Chi – University of Illinois at Chicago

Beta Upsilon – Butler University in Indiana

Gamma Theta – University of Missouri Kansas City

Gamma Pi – Saint Louis College of Pharmacy

Delta Nu – Midwestern University at Downers Grove

Epsilon Rho – University of Illinois Rockford

Epsilon Upsilon - Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy

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