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Corresponding Secretary Platforms

Clara Lee


Serving as an Executive Board member this past year, I was able to witness many changes that were made in the efforts to adjust to the new curriculum and implementation of a new rush/pledging schedule. I realized that are always going to be new challenges in maintaining a large chapter like ours, but I would like to serve as the Corresponding Secretary to be part of the inner-workings of our Chapter to improve overall performance in professionalism, philanthropy, and leadership.

The main responsibilities of the Corresponding Secretary involve having excellent organizational and communication skills to complete important projects such as Chapter of the Year and the National Progress Report. Serving as Chi Chapter’s Sergeant-at-Arms this past year, I was able to work closely with the Regent and Vice Regent to successfully plan and execute various events. Through these experiences, I have a better understanding of our Chapter’s functions and I am confident that I will be able to collaborate with other Executive Board members to facilitate any business to be conducted and report to Mid-America Province or the Central Office. 

If I were given the privilege to serve as Chi Chapter’s Corresponding Secretary, I want to continue the efforts to increase involvement of Chi Chapter Brother at regional and national level. I would like to encourage our Brothers to get engaged in events outside of our Chapter, such as Province Assembly Meetings or Leadership Symposiums, as they are great opportunities for for professional growth, networking, and fellowship.

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