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Historian Platforms 

Vanderly Dang


I would like to serve as the next Historian of Kappa Psi as I believe that it is a good opportunity for me to give back what the Fraternity has given to me so far. I would like to serve a role where I would be able to capture and present the memories that were made in our Fraternity in the best way possible. I believe that being Historian would utilize my best skills and assets the most. I have always loved photography and taking pictures of people. I’m a big time capsule nerd and I have always collected items throughout the years to remind me of the memory associated with it. As Historian, I would be more than happy to collect artifacts throughout the year so at the end of the year we could look back on the great year we had together.


I am also a really big fan of history. Growing up, I have always loved learning about history in and outside of school. During pledging, I really enjoyed learning about all the facts and history of Kappa Psi. I want the opportunity to delve deeper into the history behind Kappa Psi and to be able to add to it as well. I would also like to share what I have discovered about Kappa Psi and share it with my Brothers so they can further understand Kappa Psi’s rich history.


Despite not having college e-board experience, I was part of the yearbook’s editorial board in high school and it made me realize that you also do a lot of different tasks outside of your given role. I believe that this role will push me and challenge me to be more involved and creative within Kappa Psi. Additionally, this opportunity will allow me to cultivate and hone my leadership and communication skills. I am ready to undertake this role and help my fellow e-board members if needed.


During the pledging season, the Pledges hosted an active dinner that included a photobooth. At the event, I was in charge of taking all the photos and I really enjoyed the experience. Before the event, it had been awhile since I have picked up a camera and it made me realize how much I missed taking photos. In high school, I was in a Communications program where I was exposed to many different opportunities/events around Louisville, KY. As a junior and a senior, I had access to all the sporting events that my high school hosted. I attended events to take photos for the yearbook. It might sound silly, but the yearbooks that we created were one of the best in the nation. Because of my experience in photography and photojournalism, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to become an intern for the Kentucky Derby Festival. Not many students have the opportunity to photograph the events leading up to the biggest event of the year in Louisville, the Kentucky Derby. While interning, I was allowed to attend all of the events and fully experience it as a Louisvillian. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had despite the high pressure placed upon me. After each event, I was responsible for choosing the best pictures that I had taken and upload it to the official Flickr account. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I hope to apply what I learned during that time to what I would do if I were Historian.

My plans, if elected as Historian, include capturing the events that we host, creating a committee for this position, and further utilizing social media to share our memories. I have talked to a few Brothers and they have all stated that it is a lot of work for one person. Although it might seem like I am delegating my sole responsibility to others, I believe that a committee would cast out a larger net of what could be captured at these events. It is just not possible for one person to take pictures of everything that goes on at each event. However, if there was a committee set in place, other Brothers could also assist me in taking photos of moments that I may have missed. The idea is that at each event, there would be at least 2-3 people taking photos just so we do not miss a single moment. At the end of the day, the committee members would send their pictures to me and then I would sort through them to pick the best ones and then upload it to our website with the assistance of the Webmaster.

In addition to capturing our memories, I would also like to compile and present the history of our chapter for the future classes. I want future classes to look back on this year and think “wow I feel like I know these people”. I would do this by making a video and asking Brothers what their most cherished memory from Kappa Psi is.


Another plan that I would like to implement is to utilize social media platforms to share the memories of our Chapter events to Brothers from other chapters across the country. As a chapter we do a lot of volunteering events around the community, but not a lot of people realize that. Having the ability to post onto Instagram about the many events that we volunteer for and show what we do would provide some insight into our chapter for the COP community as well as other chapters.


Joshua Park


Serving as the Historian would allow me to do something I enjoy while at the same time help me develop professional and leadership skills. It would be a privilege to be a part of a team that works together to advance the fraternity. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and recording videos of friends and family. How fulfilling and rewarding would it be for me to be able to do that for my Kappa Psi brothers, who have essentially become both friends and family to me? I believe our years in pharmacy school will be a journey we all cherish and worth looking back on as we become pharmacists in the future. What better way to remember these years than to take snapshots and record moments of the various activities we partake in together as brothers? Although I know I wouldn’t be able to directly participate in Kappa Psi events as much, since I would mostly be behind the scenes fulfilling the role of the Historian, I’m gladly willing to make that sacrifice as someone who would enjoy fulfilling that role. Rather than a sacrifice, I say it would be a valuable opportunity for me to continue to do what I have loved to do in the past, and a chance for me to improve my picture/video taking and editing skills. Fellowship is personally my favorite pillar of Kappa Psi. As we partake in the various activities and events through Kappa Psi, I want to capture those moments of fellowship and the coming together of our brotherhood. This is why I want to serve as the Historian for Chi Chapter.


I have experience with taking pictures and recording videos of friends and family. I have recorded and edited around 120 videos and have enjoyed producing each one. During pledging season, I brought my pledge brothers together to record them and gave them a chance to thank the active brothers for the pledging process on video. I showed the video at the Active Dinner, and I’m glad I made the choice to do so, although it took a chunk of my personal time to record everyone and edit the video. I also helped Brother Jessica Phung create a dance teaser video shown before her performance at the Active Dinner. As for this semester, I have assisted our current Historian, Brother Joanna Kozien, with taking pictures during Greek Week when she was unable to do so. In addition, I helped fill in for her on Composite Photo Day when she had class to go to. I have reached out to her to learn about all of the responsibilities the Historian takes on throughout the year, so that I know what is expected of me as the Historian. I believe I am qualified and ready to serve as the Historian for Chi Chapter.


I will do my best to attend every Kappa Psi event possible as the Historian, so that I can fulfill my role to the fullest. If I am unable to attend any Kappa Psi related event, I will go out of my way to find out who is going and have them take pictures or record videos in my place. I plan to work with the Webmaster to update pictures and videos on our website, in addition to using our social media accounts to post pictures and videos on Instagram and Facebook. I plan to work with the Alumni Chair to incorporate pictures into Chi Chapter’s articles for THE MASK. Expressing what Kappa Psi means to us as a brotherhood and showing our involvement in the community can be made possible through these platforms. I understand this position will require of me to put in the time and effort to fulfill this role to the best of my ability. I understand P2 year will be a challenging year academically, but I don’t intend to accomplish anything short of what is expected of me as the Historian. Rather, I am confident that I will go above and beyond the call of duty and know that my brothers will keep me accountable. I know the Historian has typically, for the most part, been taking pictures rather than videos. I will modify that tradition and be more active in recording videos, while at the same time, taking enough pictures as is appropriate. My reason for doing this would be to allow us to fully relive and cherish the moments we went through as we look back on the history of Chi Chapter, even 10, 20, or however many years from now. I will record these videos in 4K Ultra HD definition because I want the best for our fraternity. Also, I wouldn’t want to miss out on clearly capturing Epsilon’s victory at the next field day and bowling tournament. Over the summer, I plan on brushing up my photo taking, video recording, and editing skills with my new camera so that I may be fully prepared for the fall. Even outside of Kappa Psi related events, I will offer a helping hand to brothers who need pictures to be taken or videos to be recorded/edited. I hope to use my talent/skill for my brothers and for the betterment of our fraternity. Thank you for the opportunity.

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