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Sergeant At Arms Platforms

Bona Shin


I would like to serve in this role for a couple of reasons. Although I am new to Kappa Psi, I believe that this role comes with making some difficult decisions in being the “enforcer”. I think that I would excel at this because I’m able to be stern, professional, and courteous when it comes to situations like that. Also, I’m really interested in sports and played in intramurals during undergrad. I understand how it works and wouldn’t have a problem setting it up for the rest of the chapter.

In terms of Kappa Psi, I was pledge captain during the fall. Although the position was tough, I’ve learned a lot about myself as well as how I work as a leader. It’s made me comfortable with making difficult decisions, talking about difficult issues, and most importantly keep a neutral ground when it comes to peoples’ opinions. I’m also on the pledge evaluation committee and Greek week committee. Prior to Kappa Psi, I’ve held multiple positions in my sorority in undergrad including (but not limited to): Vice President-Treasury, Alumni Chair, and Pledge Captain during my pledging session. Having held different positions has helped me become quite well rounded, and I believe that it comes quite handy when helping others out when they need it.

If I’m elected to this position, my priority would be to help come up with the new rules for fines so that there wouldn’t have to be trials for P4s in the future. This is something I’d really like to accomplish so that brothers aren’t overwhelmed with fines in a year where everything is already so stressful. As everyone knows what happened to PDC, I would also like to ensure that our chapter is kept in check in terms of professionalism, rules, and any kind of risk management. Finally, I’d like to really push intramurals and have brothers come out and cheer other brothers on.

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