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Social Chair Platforms 

Alisha Desai


I want to serve as Social Chair for Kappa Psi because I believe I have both the abilities and characteristics that this position requires. I am a very detail-oriented person that sees my ideas through completion. Additionally, I enjoy planning; whether it is planning a large-scale event, planning the day with friends or planning a trip, I love all aspects that go into making my (as well as others) ideas into a reality. I live in the loop, therefore I feel that I am close to majority of the locations we have previously hosted our events, which is a beneficial thing when planning future events. The most important quality I believe I have is my drive to be sure everyone is having a good time which, if given the opportunity, I can only hope to ensure that all brothers are satisfied with our social events.  


In order to understand more of what the Social Chair is responsible for, I reached out to Angelica and joined her committee to plan for formal. Although we are just starting, I am learning more of what her responsibilities entail and how she chooses venues. One of the most recent outside experiences that I believe makes me qualified, is the planning of a family summer trip. We are traveling abroad for three weeks and visiting 8 different cities. I am responsible for arranging and booking all the details of this trip ranging from living accommodations, traveling accommodations and daily itineraries. I am investing a lot of time and effort into planning this trip, while taking my family’s’ needs into consideration. I believe the juggling of planning this large trip in addition to focusing on school makes me qualified to handle the duties of Social Chair, not only because I am able to time-manage, but because I strive to ensure everyone has a good time.


If elected for Social Chair, I will be more transparent in the planning process and hope to engage more of the Kappa Psi brothers in decisions. An example of this would be formulating detailed options of events, that I know I will be able to accomplish, and sending out these options to our chapter, and voting as a whole, what we would like to do. This is important to ensure everyone has a voice in future social events. In addition to sending out options for social activities, I would also like to send out options for cuisines at these events to ensure that the majority of people are happy with the food choices. Food is an important component in each event, and by engaging my brothers in these decisions, I hope to ensure everyone’s’ dietary restrictions and fondness of the cuisine is taken into consideration.

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