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Treasurer Platforms 

Anushka Patel


I believe the role of treasurer is one of the most important roles in an organization. Without funds and a planned budget, it's nearly impossible to fulfill any and all events and obligations we have as an organization and a fraternity. I believe my organizational skills, work ethic, and desire to remain involved in Kappa Psi as an executive board member make me a good candidate for this position. I am able to manage money well and understand.


This year as Co-Fundraising Chair, I was able to partake in contributing to our budget by planning and partaking in the fundraising aspect. Through this opportunity, I am familiar with the budget needs for Kappa Psi. I think because of this outlook that I have and the understanding of just how much hard work it takes to raise money for our fraternity and our budget, I would be qualified as a treasurer for the following year. It is our goal this year to fundraise the amount of our allocated budget for the year so having access to this information and knowledge of the fundraising aspect, I would be qualified to take on this role.​


If elected to this position, I hope to follow a set a budget for the year. I'd like to work with next year's fundraising chairs to set a goal for the budget and how much money we think is a reasonable amount to not only spend, but also raise. I want to create a budget plan that not only has money allocated for all the usual events we do every year, but also allocate a separate amount in case of over-spending or for unplanned activities. I'd also like to create an excel sheet of all fines owed by brothers and find a way to not only share this excel sheet with recording secretary, but also give access to brothers so they can stay updated on the fines they may owe and I'd like to do this without compromising the privacy of others. I will also maintain a document of money paid to and given through our accounts, including the venmo account, bank account, and cash. I'd also like to decrease the amount of money spent on food for meetings by creating relationships with local restaurants in hopes of giving them business while possibly getting discounts and deals.


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